Homeschooling for the Survivalist – Homeschooling

Homeschooling is rapidly becoming an accepted activity for survivalist these days. It embodies an excellent alternative to the public school system and provides a one on one learning environment for impressionable children. It is also a wonderful way to promote bonding between the child and the parent. One of the largest advantages of homeschooling lies in the parent’s ability to structure the student’s classes to match their abilities. If you happen to be a parent who would find homeschooling beneficial for your children read on.The very first order of business must be to conduct a review of the homeschool laws within your particular state. Some states are stricter in their education requirements than others. As an example, the state of Delaware allows the parents more latitude in selection of the student’s individual studies then most other states. Complete your homework before you even start planning on homeschooling and find out what your states entails for this type of education. One important point worthy of mention here is that although Delaware does not require any sort of record keeping other then attendance, I personally keep track of all my grandson’s activities in the event there are any questions at a later date.Always establish if this is exactly what your children want. You may have the ultimate say so in decisions such as these but if the children fancy going to a public school your task of educating them will undoubtedly be more difficult. Provide your child with your reasoning behind your chosen decision. Is it safety related, if so explain that to them. Perhaps the district where you live has experienced low yearly test scores which you deem to be unacceptable. Let them know ahead of time what you expect from them as well as the various advantages and disadvantages associated with homeschool. In turn, listen carefully to your child’s side of the issue. A homeschool environment works best if both the parent and the child want it to work.Contact your local libraries to see what activities they may have planned for homeschoolers. We are lucky here in my area as there are several libraries that center a series of activities towards the homeschooled community. The librarian at the Laurel Delaware Library goes far beyond her job requirements when planning the organizations programs. She takes extreme efforts to include activities that pertain to the homeschool student and actively promotes the activity within the community. Another local library is now providing some exceptional art instructions for homeschooled children. My grandson goes to the Georgetown Library every week.Being of a survivalist nature, I instruct my grandchild in not only academic proficiency but actual life skills. He is taught what we refer to as survival training skills. These include respect for various weapons, actual hunting and trapping and other skills which could potentially save his life in an emergency situation.One of the more fundamental needs of the homeschooled family is an active internet connection. The World Wide Web provides many learning activities for my grandson. Not only does he participate in a structured training program via the web, but there are loads of supplemental materials readily available at his fingertips on websites such as youtube. Most of these instructional videos will expand upon what he is learning in his current classroom studies. I frequently scan several homeschool groups on the net for various outside activities that can provide a benefit for him as he studies his lessons.Most people that are opposed to homeschooling children complain that the process leaves a social interaction void amongst their peers. This is simply not so. My grandson attends weekly karate classes where he has the opportunity to interact with fellow students. In addition, we attend various homeschool orientated activities which affords him the chance to meet new friends on a regular basis. By attending these activities he is able to meet new homeschool students while I in turn meet and share ideas with the various parents.Homeschooling is not easy and at times can be very frustrating however in the end it is well worth the efforts expended. You are provided an opportunity to see your child develop into a self sufficient learner after only a short period of time.Copyright @2010 Joseph Parish