Homeschooling – How Does it Work? – Homeschooling

If you’ve ever thought about homeschooling or just wondered what people do that homeschool, here is a basic outline.1. Parents decide to homeschool their child or children. They use their own resources or purchase books that they want to use to educate their child. Some states have online programs that can be used at home. When you use an online school you are still enrolled in your local school. You just do your work online at home. Parents who don’t use an online programs are free to choose the books and resources they think they will need. Students can also have input here on what courses of study they want to pursue.2. All students must meet the state guidelines. Depending on what state you live in, your guidelines will be different. Some states just require you to take attendance. Some require a letter declaring you will provide 900 hours of instruction and a list of what you intend on teaching. And some states require even more than that. Some states require testing at the end of the school year and some just require an assessment by a certified teacher. Again, it depends on what state you live in and what they require for homeschoolers.3. Education is now the responsibility of the parents. Just as some public school teachers do a better job than others, some parents do a better job of homeschooling than others. Most parents know their children very well and can do a very good job of helping their children learn.4. Different learning styles and personalities can now be addressed on a more personal level. Public school classrooms tend to have to cater to the masses, while homeschooling can be more of a tutoring environment. Just as no 2 public school classrooms will be the same, no 2 homeschools will look the same. The personalities of the students and parents will determine what is taught and how it is taught.Overall, homeschooling can be a very positive experience for both parent and child. The relationship is the most important factor in determining how positive an experience it can be.